Northern Exposure Treats Pissers Well

I just got off the phone with Ian. We talked a bit about the weekend in the wild the boys spent in Freedom, New Hampshire. Turns out that the lad's idea of 'roughing it' is staying at the palatial Mt. Weinstein compound, locked away in the in-house studio recording and drinking.

Ian told me that they managed to get alot accomplished despite the constant inebriation, recording drums on several tracks and laying down the foundations of yet another smash hit. Interestingly, some of the studio crew had a video camera there, and the boys allowed themselves to be filmed during sections of the evening. The resulting footage has been turned into a short promo video, and is now available at the band's myspace page. However, since we are also officially affiliated with the group, we bring it to you here for your enjoyment.

The Pissers on Drums

Visit The Pissers myspace page here

Ian also dropped some more big news. Apparently they are very close to finishing the song Arianna, So Beautiful and are considering it for the first single off the new album. Ian was kind enough to pass on to me some early artwork for what may become the cover for the single, though there is no indication of what track might back it. I love the font, the rainbow colour, the boys on the playground. Once you hear the song, you'll see why this cover is so perfect. You can read more about the origin of Arianna, So Beautiful here. The song is currently available for listening and downloading on the band's myspace page.


The Pissers Join Myspace!

You heard it correctly, the lads from Ipswich have decided to take the plunge and act like 15 year old girls and start a myspace page. It has a slightly more user-friendly set up for listening to some tunes. Currently featured are 4 songs, 2 unreleased tracks that will be on the new album, and 2 older ones from the venerable Indi Projects.

As a fan, you are encouraged (especially if you are an attractive girl) to add them as your friend and enjoy the sounds they have to offer. Be sure to look for exclusive images in the pictures section as well.

Whether this move results in Rob taking cliché high-angle selfpics is yet to be seen.

It has been reported that he does like black, however he is also warming up to the idea of red quite well.

In other Pissers news, they boys are planning a weekend recording outting in the wilderness of New Hampshire. Much like the fabled Bron-Yr-Aur in Wales, this is sure to have an effect on the sounds that emanate from the band. Lets hope they pack their longjohns as its going to be cold.


Slut Studios on Lockdown!

Following the confirmed leak of The Pissers lyrics last week, Chuck Weinstein overhauled the security apparatus of Slut Studios. The place was like Fort Knox, complete with burly guards at the door. All of the old security staff has been let go, and a new batch is in. Of course I had been invited by the Pissers themselves to showcase the new secutiry and to try to discourage fans from attempting to obtain leaked material again, so I got in with only a minor body cavity search.

This mustachioed man is who 'greets' you at Slut Studios, make sure they're expecting you...

So there I was, in the hit factory itself, the womb of Pissers creativity so to speak. I was privy to the entire creation of a Pissers hit song. I have been cleared by management to speak about it here, without trying to give too much away.

The song is entitled Arianna, So Beautiful and features both Rob & Ian on guitar, Ian on bass, both of the lads singing, and will probably have Rob playing drums. The boys told me that the song is about a young girl named Arianna, who's beauty and innocence caught their eye one day. They don't know her last name, and she's grown since the saw her, but the song remained the same in their heads. The song is an tribute to little kids out there, who've yet to be spoiled by, as Ian would say, "a mixed up world". A truly uplifting song, I was almost surprised to hear this notoriously controversial, often vulgar, sometimes disturbing group show their softer side. I think the fans are really going to appreciate it.

An artist's rendition of what Arianna could possibly look like.

I also got to see them editing and adding to some previously recorded songs, but they still seemed a little uneasy with having us looking over their shoulders. This isn't the first time I've met the guys, but its the first time we've really had some time to talk and get to know one another. I hope I made a good impression on them. I brought this inflatable moose head for them, they seemed to like it; inflating it right away.


Chuck Weinstein Speaks, Leak Confirmed!


We are shocked here at The Pissers Blog to find out that the image leaked to us on Wednesday claiming to be a hidden camera of one of the Pissers holding an actual lyrics sheet to one of their new songs is in fact legitimate! Manager Chuck Weinstein confirmed in a press conference this afternoon that "Indeed someone seems to have managed to take this picture during the band's recent recording stints at Slut Studios in scenic Beverly, Massachusetts". When pressed for information as to whom could've leaked this photo, Mr. Weinstein said only "We have taken all necessary steps to insure this type of incident does not happen again. Everything has been taken care of."

Reporters then asked Mr. Weinstein if the Pissers were willing to disclose the name of the song the lyrics belong to. "They are not. They are actually quite disturbed at this breach of security and are not taking this violation lightly. While they realize the fans want to know as much as they can before the album comes out, this incident is not going to disrupt their plans."

As promised, there it is folks, the final word as delivered by Management. But hey, now that we know its real we can all debate what the song is all about, right?

New Blog a Success!

The crew over at the Fanclub has been absolutely swamped with letters and emails from Pissers fans from across the globe ever since the new Pissers Blog opened for business. From letters of encouragement, tour info seekers, requests for bookings on the '07 tour to marriage proposals, they've seen it all over there lately. Here is a short selection of fansigns that people have sent in, showing just how much The Pissers are loved by many different types of fans.

Images courtesy of The Pissers Fanclub.

We'd also like to send out a belated Happy Birthday! to Chuck Weinstein. Somehow we had info that his birthday was in January, but in fact it was yesterday, November 2nd. Chuck is recovering from the festivities and is expected to hold a press conference at 4pm (GMT-5) to address the possible leaked material we brought to you earlier in the week.


Possible Material Leaked?

We at the Pissers Blog were surprised when we received an anonymous email this morning. It contained a picture which the unknown author claims is taken with a hidden camera that was smuggled into a recent Pissers recording session, presumably at the world famous Slut Studios. He continued by claiming that this is a photograph of one of the bandmembers holding a handwritten lyrics sheet containing actual lyrics to one of the new songs.

As skeptical as we'd like to be, we must confess a certain giddiness prevailed in the office this morning as the photograph was distributed to the lead staff. As no doubt this image is now plastered all across the World Wide Web, we bring it to you here, so that you can decide for yourself its authenticity.

Mr. Weinstein could not be reached for comment today as he is overseas finding loopholes in various international laws, but no doubt he'll have something to say about this development shortly.

Feel free to join the discussion about this image and whether it actually represents the work of the famous Pissers.


The Pissers: Explained, part II

We're back again bringing you the second installment of what is proving to be a fantastic interview. We'll pick up right where we left off in part I.

Fanclub: You say that Ooh, Shasta was Rob's first ever musical composition. What is the first song The Pissers ever wrote together?

The Pissers: We get asked this all the time. It was a song that Ian had written on the guitar, and I'm not really sure who did most of the lyric writing. Rob played the bassline and sang the song. Its called One Night Stand. I'd have to say this was probably back in 1991 or 1992 and I can assure you that neither of us really knew what a one night stand was. It worked out in the end though, with some tasty lyrics and that infamous smooth guitar line.

We liked this song so much we decided to bring it back on the 2nd album, but with a twist.
Astro-2000 One Night Stand featured some pioneering electronic fidgetry all performed live during the recording. None of this fancy editing stuff we've found ourselves getting into nowadays.

Fanclub: Could you speak a little about the hit single from the last album, namely Laughin' at Retards? That is quite a controversial song name, what are the reactions it gets?

The Pissers: Indeed. Looks of shock and disgust usually accompany someones initial exposure to that song, but just like most things with the Pissers, you have to look a little deeper for the real meaning. You'll then see that it isn't about laughing at retarded people at all, but rather condemning someone for doing so.

I have a friend of the family who has a developmentally challenged daughter. Each year they send out photo Christmas cards at the holidays. Well this particular years' photo was on the refrigerator and Bill pretty much laughed at the poor girl. He claims he thought she was "making a funny face", but I think we know better. Anyway, it wasn't 10 seconds after he did that that the song was born. It almost wrote itself you could say. The version that became the single for
Indi Projects features some excellent improvised lyrics.

Fanclub: How much of your work is improvised at the time of recording?

The Pissers: Quite a bit actually. I mean, we decide on a form but when its all on the line, whatever needs to happen usually does. Sometimes things are taken in a completely different direction than you originally intended. Take for instance one of our newer songs, He's My Friend. This song has an almost-Hawaiian section in the middle of it that was completely unintentional. It just sort of emerges out of consequence. I wouldn't have thought to write something like that, so you just leave it to that ol' Pissers magic for inspiration. Rob wrote the song, sings it, plays guitar and slide guitar, takes a solo on the guitbox, plays the drums and folds the newspaper. Ian plays the bass, but since the song is about him, we figured he needed a bit of rest.

Check back soon for more from this enlightening series. We hope you're enjoying it as much as we are.


Gibson® Guitars signs on as '07 Tour Sponsor!

We received some great news from The Pissers' Manager Chuck Weinstein today. Gibson® Guitars has signed on as a sponsor of the upcoming tour! They will be providing a full compliment of bitchin' axes for the lads, as well as contributing nicely to the tour expenses.

Chuck told us that while Rob was thrilled with the news, Ian was more melancholy; he was hoping that it would be Fender© sponsoring the tour. Chuck also said that he is working on getting Fender© involved in the tour as well and playing the two companies against each other. Thats Chuck for you, always the shrewd businessman.

As the '07 Tour schedule develops, we will keep you updated with the latest in confirmed concert dates. Stay tuned for more.